«Man’s maturity: to have regained the seriousness that he had as a child at play»

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

welcome to fafafoo world !enjoy high design creative playing objects

the story

As an architect I principally appreciate carefully design products and as a mother I choose quality playing for my kid.  I am following children’s ways of playing, for the last few years, and I am looking creative activities, where children learn to think, have fun, respect the natural environment and interact with it.

So, I created  a place that provides carefully selected high quality kids products by emphasizing in inventiveness. In the research I have done I have chosen companies that respect the environment by choosing appropriate raw materials, and creating objects of high aesthetics + special design.

Wooden curved surfaces, soft objects familiar to the body and multi-colored shapes, compose our fafafoo world. Fafafoo echoes the sound of the train moving, and is my son’s first word for the train that inspired me. The categories – or toys filters depending on the type of activity are categotized into:


Fafafoo books list consists of famous authors + illustrators in greek and english titles, by interesting publishers + museum organizations, like Tate – Museum of Modern Art in London.

In addition to our special kids on line store, the toposplay column is an architectural environment that  presents projects of playgrounds + educational buildings where their design is an inspiration for the value of playing in learning + growing. The word topos means in Greek the place, or in its mathematical meaning, a set of points with a common  identity and common goals.

Growing starts from playing and fafafoo has a vision . to provide quality design toy objects that could lead  playing experience to a new era.

We are glad to welcome you in our fafafoo world!

Maria Kafantari, architect + founder

Be a creator and make the rules of playing.


Find colors, shapes and words.

Use your hands and your imagination.

Be inspired by the materials and use your senses.