things that go away

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An artist book for all ages, in which the images change as you turn the transparent pages, illustrating, with great sensitivity, the movements of life.

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“I wanted to turn the picture book concept upside down, by showing things evolve or disappear, instead of setting them on the page. So, I thought about a visual story with see-through sheets, that touches upon a child’s everyday life.
For me, the see-through paper, with its slightly opaque transparency, reflects the evanescence of everything that surrounds us and that slips through our fingers.”
With a great deal of graphic creativity, and soft yet funny and intriguing illustrations, Beatrice Alemagna explores the moments children are faced with when growing up. Some painless, or almost, like losing a tooth, or grazing your knee, and other deeper ones, such as sadness… A see-through sheet is lifted on each page, transforming the image. But beneath each of these short-lived moments, lies something unchanging, strong and lasting; the love of a parent for their child.
Age: +1y
Pages: 70 + 16 velum pages
Editor: Helium
Prix Sorcières 2020 – Carrément Beau Mini
Author/Illustrator: Beatrice Alemagna
Illustration: Colorful pictures
Paperback: Hard
Language: France
ISBN: 9782330124465

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Dimensions16 × 25 cm



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