Penguin was lost, penguin was found

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A boy and a pengiun going to the South Pole… A tender story by Oliver Jeffers.

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A boy once found a penguin on his door. The boy did not know where the penguin came from and to whom it belonged. But because he looked very sad, he thought he might have been lost. So she decided to help him get home, even if he needed to paddle to the South Pole! The story of the book is based on a true fact about little Oliver that when he disappeared, someone had to read the label on his shirt to understand where he had to go …
Age: +3years
Number of pages: 32
Publisher: Ikaros
Author/Artist: Oliver Jeffers
iIlustrations: Color illustrations
Hardback: yes
Language: greek

Additional information
Dimensions28 × 28 cm


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