One yellow leaf

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How exciting can be leafs falling journey from the tree ! Meets so many creatures and finally wonders how many things are happening around… An unexpected story by Michalis  Moulakis + Filippos Fotiadis

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During the short journey of a leaf falling from the tree to the ground so many strange things can happen! The leaf meets a sparrow, an ant, sees the trunk of the tree that supported him all his life and sees for the first time his hollow. In the end, falling to the ground, he meets the other fallen leaves and all together start to wonder what will follow…
Age: +3years
Number of pages: 32
Publisher: Ikaros
Author/Artist: Michalis Moulakis + Filippos Fotiadis
iIlustrations: Color illustrations
Hardback: yes
Language: greek

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Dimensions22 × 22 cm


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