Fafafoo is an online store that provides carefully curated high design products for kids quality playing that also respect environment.

Toy Collection

Playing objects that make kids being creative on composing, emphasizing in inventiveness. Wooden and soft surfaces, plus multicolored shapes compose our fafafoo world.


Carefully selected story, art, learning and interactive books with pop ups + fold outs, by famous authors and museum editions.


Turn the pages and see how shapes…

12,50 incl. v.a.t
When I Was Born- Martins & Matoso

A magical, almost poetic, story of…

14,30 incl. v.a.t

An accordion drawing book with pop…

12,90 incl. v.a.t

New! Xavier Deneux applies the a…

26,00 incl. v.a.t

New! Lets meet emotions through…

16,00 incl. v.a.t
The Book With A Hole-Hervé Tullet

This Book creates pictures and…

14,80 incl. v.a.t

High Design Creative Playing Objects

A place that growing starts from playing. Toys categorized into four filters related to the way playing interacts with the kid. Everyone can choose the suitable gift for each kid inspiring on a creative way.

Be a creator and make the rules of playing.

Find colors, shapes and words.

Use your hands and your imagination

Be inspired by the materials and use your senses.